Coping with Stress and Worry – Part 2

Coping with Stress and Worry

Coping with stress and worry is this months theme. In the previous post we looked at 8 reasons why stress is stupid – now we are ready to take it further and discover “coping with stress and worry” in more detail. We have been taught that worry means we care – coping with stress and … [Read more…]

Create my Blog today


I did not know where to start to create my Blog    When I created my blog I did not know what to do. You must have felt like that before. I Googled so much information, and you know there was so much out there!     It was a blessing on the one hand … [Read more…]

How to start a Blog in 2016


How to start a Blog is an important question, bigger than you may realize when you start out. Are you looking for a simple answer? And somehow you think the answer will be simple. You think (if you are like me?) that somehow there will be a one-click solution out there and …. Voila!…. you … [Read more…]